Long Road Farm

Conservation, restoration and sustainable ranching in the heart of Minnesota


We’re so glad you found us!  Long Road Farm is equal parts conservation, restoration, farm and ranch. We strive to raise the highest quality Scottish highland cattle beef on remnant meadow and prairie restored from cropland. In addition, our homestead grows and raises: 

~free-range meat chickens

~free-range eggs

~ native prairie honey from our resident bee hives

~fresh produce from our low-tillage, organic (*not certified) garden

Conservation + Restoration: Long Road Farm is situated in Central Minnesota’s  prairie-forest habitat, and contributing to the restoration and preservation of our region’s native biodiversity is our top priority. The 70 acres we own and manage is home to a wide variety of habitats, from oak-basswood forest, sedge meadows, wet prairie, to cropland. Young prairie plants are in their first few years of growth on ten acres of former crop ground, and another 20 acres of crop ground will be restored with a diverse native prairie plant community over the next several years. All told- the land we farm and ranch supports a wide array of flora and wildlife from orchids and wild sunflowers to warblers and sandhill cranes.

Free Range Ranching: We raise Scottish highland cattle, the oldest breed of cattle in the world, and a hardy breed that can survive the Minnesota winter and thrive on diverse, native pasture. Our cattle help us maintain and restore the plant communities on our land by foraging on nonnative grasses, generating a wide variety of different vegetation structure where different plant species can thrive, and opening up space for introducing native plant species that have been lost over the last several decades.

Free Range Chickens: Both our chickens raised for meat and laying hens are allowed to range across significant portions of our farm. In the growing season insects, as well as wild seeds and plants make up the lion’s share of their diet. The room to roam and a diverse diet makes for happy, healthy chickens, and better tasting eggs (and chickens).  






Long Road Farm , est. 2020