Highland Beef Price List

Pasture-grown, no added hormones, and grazed on native MN prairie and meadows

SNAP accepted, 5% of profits go to Little Earth food shelf in Minneapolis MN

Ground Beef: $9/lb

Arm Roast: $10/lb

Rump Roast: $11/lb

Chuck Roast: $12/lb

Ribs: $11/lb

Tenderloin steak: $18/lb

Ribeye Steak: $20/lb

Sirloin Tip Steak: $14/lb

Sirloin Steak: $12/lb

Porterhouse Steak: $21/lb

Round Steak:$13/lb

T-bone steak: $20/lb

Prime Rib Roast: $40/lb

Highlander Soup Bones: $10/lb

Brisket: $12/lb



** our prices are competitive with other highland cattle beef producers, but you get the added benefit of knowing that your cattle were grazed on native, restored prairie AND that your purchase helps bring food to families in need. It’s a win for the environment and a win for you! 

Highland beef is a slowly made product– our cattle take a full year longer to grow to market weight. This is a result of growing entirely on pasture (and winter grass hay), and our commitment to grazing in way that promotes a wide diversity of native plants. Besides a healthier animal, healthier land, and more fulfilled caretakers- the extra wait time manifests in a premium meat product. Highland Beef is lower in fat and cholesterol than other breeds, and higher in protein and iron than feedlot and/or grain fed cattle. Our meat is also more intense in flavor without sacrificing tenderness. The relatively small circle of Highland breeders and our small herd help us to trace the lineage of each animal we raise to select for healthy, quality beef animals.


Highland Beef Overall 4.5 g/ 100g
Other Breeds Beef Overall 15.6 g/ 100g
Highland Beef Overall 40.9 mg/100g
Other Breeds Beef Overall 64.3 mg/100g
Highland Beef Overall 20.7 g/100g
Other Breeds Beef Overall 18.6 g/100g
Highland Beef Overall 2.1 mg/100g
Other Breeds Beef Overall 2.0 mg/100g



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